Een monumentale plek om te zijn


The former church “Trefkerk”, just outside the village of Appelscha, is apart from being our home, now serving as a romantic one-bedroom B&B with its own private bathroom. We provide breakfast at a time you want and check in/out times are rather flexible. We rent bicycles (including electrical) at a small additional fee.

It also accommodates a multi-functional meeting room for small gatherings such as family celebrations, business meetings or training sessions, meditation or mindfullness. We can arrange for a catered lunch if required.

The Trefkerk is still surrounded by a small but disused cemetery on which a monumental churchbell is giving the whole place a rather serene and authentic atmoshere. It is located very near a large National Park with lots of walking paths, hiking and bicycle trails.

Appelscha is especially known for the natural beauty of its surroundings. Our visitors come here for the special atmoshere, the quietness of the place.

We do our best to make you feel home. Please contact us directly using the ‘contact page’ for room availability or reservations for the multipurpose room.

Jasper & Maaike

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